Special Handling Devices

Our product, case, and pallet conveyors have a variety of special handling support equipment available. Some of the many types available.


CHS provides product turning conveyors, bump turns, pushers, special turning posts for in motion orientation of primary packaging, cases, or pallets. This is done in-line on a conveyor, rather than from one conveyor to another.

The most common is a 90-degree turn, but other angles are possible. Normally, product turning is done at higher speeds, while pallet turning is comparably slow on a conveyor turntable.

Watch a turning conveyor in action


Changing various types of materials from one conveyor to another is considered transferring. This is normally done at right angles, at 45 or 30 degrees, or a lateral side-shift to an adjacent parallel conveyor. The right-angle transfer changes the materials’ orientation from long-way, long dimension parallel to the conveyor, travel to short way, or vice versa. Others do not.

CHS has provided various types, such as pushers, pop-up belts-chains-wheels, tilt chutes, ball transfers, and special guides, depending on materials handled.


This general term is often used to cover different types of conveyors that either divides a lane into multiple lanes, also called line divider, or merge multiple lanes into one, sometimes into more than one.

This is done with primary packaging, cases, and pallets. Smaller materials are normally handled in-line longitudinally. Pallets are often handled with a conveyor transfer car or heavy-duty pop-up chain transfers.

Pack-off Stations

Pack-off stations are synonymous with pack-off conveyors. The actual packing stations are along the side of a product delivery conveyor. Normally three conveyors are used. One to bring the product, another to bring trays, totes, or empty cases, and a third to take-away the packed package for lidding, wrapping, or closing-sealing.

Quite often there are no cases at this stage, so only product infeed and filled tray outfeed conveyors are used. Small empty trays can be staged in stacks at each packing station. It all depends on the application.

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