CHS specializes in making our customers’ packaging conveyor systems not only productive but also cost-effective. Integrating your own system can be very successful when you have the right tools and the right system components. CHS sees to it that you have them.

Packaging operations normally include multiple steps. Starting with conveying of the primary packages such as cans, bottles, or small bags, then secondary protective packages such as corrugated cases or totes, and finally unitized or palletized loads at the end of the packaging line. Each of these steps requires the right conveyors and handling devices to properly interface with your machinery or robotics along the way.

Here are some real examples of our system components in everyday use by our customers.

Product Conveyors

These are Primary Packaging Conveyors. We supply stainless steel conveyor construction for sanitary and wash-down requirements, as used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. These are primarily tabletop, mattop with stainless or plastic chain, ARB technology belts for various transfers and laning, and fabric-rubber belt for handling most any primary package, and some products directly on the belt.

Cable conveyors are suited for empty and full containers such as bottles and cans. Cable conveyors are also available in aluminum, making them light enough for overhead installations.

The same conveyors are also available in painted mild steel construction.

Case & Tote Conveyors

These are Secondary Packaging Conveyors, also referred to as Package Conveyors. Normally used for handling materials such as full or empty corrugated cases and totes.

They are available in several conveyor types: level and incline-decline belt, used for transportation and special flow control applications such as brake belts for precise starting and stopping, and various transfers and laning with ARB style belts; live roller in several drive styles and accumulation modes; and gravity conveyor in several roller and wheel styles.

Pallet & Unit Load Conveyors

These are also known as heavy-duty conveyors. They are mostly used for handling palletized or unitized loads. They are available in CDLR (chain driven live roller), belt conveyor, chain conveyor, and heavy gravity roller conveyor.

Roller types are used for when the bottom of pallet boards are long-way with the flow. Chain conveyors are normally used when the bottom of pallet boards are short-way with the flow. Gravity roller can be used on heavy-duty floor supports or mounted directly to the floor.

Special Handling Devices

All three conveyor product lines use varied handling devices for efficient flow between packaging stations. They include product orientation and turning, transfers, line combining-dividing, special pack-off stations, and many others.

CHS utilizes the best and most cost-effective devices for each application.

All conveyors and handling devices are quoted for specific application requirements.

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