Pallet & Unit Load Conveyors

End of line packaging operations normally use heavy-duty conveyors for heavy loads, mostly pallet loads or unit-loads using slip-sheets for palletizing, stretch wrapping, banding, or strapping.

Manual operations are normally performed directly on the conveyors. In automated systems where machinery or robots are used, the conveyors are used for infeeds and outfeeds, and to interface those stations for efficient product flow. Transportation and accumulation conveyors not only link these stations together but can transport the completed loads to storage or shipping to minimize in-plant fork truck traffic.

Typical Pallet and unit-load Conveyors:

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR)

Conveying surface widths range from 28” to 64”. Rollers are 2.5” dia., 11 ga. in 3” to 12” centers. Maximum capacity per lineal foot is 300# with supports on 10’ centers, 1000# on 5’ centers (normal). Heavy version available with 3.5” dia., .30 wall steel rollers for 2000# per foot maximum load. Accumulation versions are available with zone lengths from 24” to 60”, and with mechanical, pneumatic, or photo eye control.

Chain Conveyors

Drag chain conveyor uses a 60F single-pitch chain with UHMW chain guides on each side, with a solid steel bed in-between. Hardened sprockets on each end of chain loop, with the drive tucked away under the bed. Various chains and chain centers are available, with 18” minimum. A Slat Conveyor uses 5.75” wide, 10 gauge formed steel slats mounted on heavy-duty 6” pitch chains with 12” pitch diameter sprockets on each side. Heavier chain and slats are available. Hardwood slats are also available.

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Available in multiple size frames and rollers. Painted mild steel formed channel frames in 3.5” x 10 ga, 4”x 4 ga., and 6” x 8.2 # structural channel. Rollers available in 2.5” dia. X 11 ga., 2-5/8” dia. X 7 ga., and 3.5” dia. x .30 wall. Widths range from 6” to 60”, depending on the conveyor.

Various Pallet Conveyors at Work

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