About CHSystems Corp.

Our company was established in 1982 as a family business in custom conveyor manufacturing with the name of Conveyor Automation. It’s still a family enterprise today, by choice. We serve all types and sizes of companies throughout the United States.

In 1992 we expanded into integrated packaging systems; we used our own, made to private label equipment, and partnered with packaging machinery and early robotics manufacturers to broaden our scope. At that time, we changed our name to Conveying & Handling Systems Corp., using CHSystems as a dba, in line with the broader scope.

In 2012 we formally shortened the name to CHSystems Corp., and updated our product scope to reflect the changing market. We refined our definition of integrated systems from machinery, to an expanded conveyor scope to serve the entire packaging line, from primary to end of line. Our applications range from strictly manual to fully automated lines, and everything in-between.

Our current focus

Line Divider Conveyor

We now offer stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum construction. Today, our line consists of product conveyors to handle empty and full containers, cases-trays-bags, and pallet-unit loads. CHS conveyors are widely used as custom infeed and outfeed conveyors for packaging machinery and robotic stations.

We serve OEM’s to supply engineered solutions for their equipment, as well as direct to end-users. They select CHS for our specialized engineering, reliable high-quality products, the best value, and prompt delivery schedules.

For particular packaging line conveyor equipment or an integrated system of all the conveyor types, visit our Contact page and get in touch. We would love to earn your business.

CHSystems Corp. has provided businesses of all types and sizes since 1982 with their conveyor equipment needs. We excel at innovative solutions for your product flow while keeping it economical and efficient.

Email: chsconvey [at] gmail.com