CHS is a single-source provider of custom packaging conveyors; from primary product packing-filling, through case packing, to end of line palletizing.

Our conveyors and special handling devices can integrate all your packaging functions whether manual, automated, or in-between. We can provide any or all conveyors for your packaging operations for a new installation or equipment replacements. Product application support is available for the best and most cost-effective solutions.

full case lineshaft conveyor from case packer to case sealer
  • Sanitary stainless steel product conveyors for cans, bottles, cartons, trays, and bags to and from packing or filling.
  • Empty container conveyors for bottles, cans, and formed cases to filling and packing.
  • Package conveyors for cases and totes to and from packing and palletizing (manual, robotic, machine).
  • Heavy-duty pallet and unit-load conveyors, from palletizing to wrapping, strapping, storage, and shipping.

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Why Choose CHS

Extensive CHS conveyor expertise results in a better ability to provide the right conveyors for tangible savings in time and cost. Wrong equipment or specifications for an application can cause considerable losses in productivity and unexpected operational cost increases. We excel at conveying innovation for your product flow while keeping it cost-effective and efficient. You would not be dealing with a jack of all trades, or a single product line solution for all. CHS works for you.


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Welcome OEM partners. We help OEM’s plan and evaluate the best and most cost-effective conveyor solutions for their clients.

CHSystems Corp. has provided businesses of all types and sizes since 1982 with their conveyor equipment needs. We excel at innovative solutions for your product flow while keeping it economical and efficient.

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